samba and cups

Ries van Twisk ries at
Fri Sep 29 07:14:57 GMT 2000

> Thank you for you help. I have compiled samba which cups support but I
> cannot access printers declared into cupd.conf Is it necessary to
> declare printers in smb.conf or just into cupd.conf.
> I have just add printing = cups and  printcap name = cups ..

I forgot to tell you this but did you did ./configure while cups was 
running? (or did I already post this???)
Ok, this is the issue. You need to run cups for samba to configure 
correctly. If you don't run cups at configure time, samba is not 
configurated for cups support!

You need to check if cups support is there. Raise the debug level to 
8 orso and check if your printcap is properly handled. I did see a 
message when samba was not compiled correctly like 'could not find 
printcapname cups'. That's basically it. You don't need a 
/etc/printcap or anything else. samba whil contact cups to see what 
printers are available.

So you don't need to configure anything else then these two options.



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