word corruption w/samba 2.0.7

Reed Siefert Christiansen reedc at et.byu.edu
Thu Sep 28 16:54:42 GMT 2000

 We recently switched over our three hpux 11 servers to samba 2.0.7 from
Since then we have noticed garbled text being inserted into wordfiles
that are opened on samba drives. 

between 1 and 10 minuites after word files are opened on the samba
drives several lines of garbled ascii
characters insert themselves among the text of the document.  It seems
to be reproducible and fairly consistent.  If the 
files are coppied to a local drive (harddisk,zip,floppy) then oppened
the problem does not appear.   

We are also seing some problems with opening excell files from samba
drives.  The first attempt to open a file brings up a 
"Cannot open file" dialog box - on the second try it comes up.

Any suggestions? 


BYU Systems administrator

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