fabrice.garcin at fabrice.garcin at
Thu Sep 28 10:34:29 GMT 2000


I'd like to use pam_ldap and nss_ldap to authenticate my samba users
against a LDAP directory.

I compiled samba 2.0.7 with the --with-pam option, configured my samba file
in the pam.d directory as follows (default file supplied with the package):
auth sufficient     /lib/security/
auth required  /lib/security/ try_first_pass
account    sufficient    /lib/security/
account    required /lib/security/

as well as the ldap.conf file according to the recommendations supplied
with the RPM (my ldap.conf file is located in /etc/openldap): base,
hostname etc... is located in the convenient directory and has the correct
libraries linked to it.

When I want to get connected to the samba server (from a NT workstation), I
enter my login and a password and the connection is refused.

I checked and the LDAP server does not receive any request for
authentication (I put it in debug mode) (when I try to get connected to the
server using a declared user on the machine, authentication fails as well,
the LDAP server does not receive any request).

Can anybody help ? Does it come from the smb.conf file ? Is there a howto ?

Could someone that had this solution implemented send me his/her smb.conf,
ldap.conf pam.d/samba files ? Are there other configuration files ?

I thank you in advance for your help.


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