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Adam.Propeck at wrote:
> I am running SAMBA 2.0.7 on a Solaris 2.7 Box, and 
> want to continue to have an NT4 PDC.  I am having 
> difficulty with password sync from NT to the Solaris 
> side of things.  I would like to have users on Win98/NT
> workstations be able to change their passwords on the
> NT side through CTRL-ALT-DEL, Change Password, and 
> then get SAMBA and our /etc/passwd to sync to the 
> new password.  How can I go about doing this?
> [global]
>       workgroup = FM
>       netbios name = FMSAMBA
>       server string = SAMBA SERVER
>       security = DOMAIN
>       encrypt passwords = Yes
>       update encrypted = Yes
>       min password length = 4
>       password server = NTPDC     
>       passwd program = /bin/passwd %u
>       passwd chat debug = Yes


I didn't see a 'password chat' setting.  See the smb.conf(5) 
man page for an example and more information.  Or did I 
just overlook this in you smb.conf?

However, if your users change their password on the PDC,
Samba will have no way of knowing this (all authentication
being done by the PDC).  You can try specifying the Samba 
server in the password change dialog.  It may be that
you have to use security = user for this.  Since I did not
right the code, I cannot say for sure.

Cheers, jerry
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