smbclient authentication problems with NT4

Stevens, Julian C julian.stevens at
Wed Sep 27 16:13:33 GMT 2000

I have been successfully using Samba 2.06 to access shares on an NT4 server 
for a little while now :-)
However ...
... It appears that our NT server needs to run with a non-standard encryption 
algorithm and, since installing that, I can't persuade smbclient to list the 
NT shares anymore :-(

smbclient -L ntserver

will list the NT machines that ntserver knows about, but

smbclient -L ntserver -Ubackup%password

fails to authenticate. (session setup failed: ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess)

I wondered if I could avoid encryption altogether by using the smb.conf 
encrypt passwords = no

and then adding the NT registry key

as described in the Samba WinNT.txt doc.

However, this didn't seem to work, and now I'm wondering what, if anything, in 
smb.conf is used by smbclient.

Does anyone know if I can persuade smbclient and NT to both use plain 
passwords, or will smbclient always try to encrypt my passwords, and get it 
wrong, because it doesn't know the correct encryption algorithm?

Please could you copy any replies to me at julian.stevens at as 
I'm not currently subscribed to this list.

Thanks in advance,

Julian Stevens
Land & Sea Systems
Grange Road
BH23 4JE
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