Use PC printers from IRIX?

Mike Brodbelt m.brodbelt at
Wed Sep 27 16:36:55 GMT 2000

Meinrado F Samala wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> Thanks for the quick reply. Using LPRng seems to be a very attractive
> idea. I will look into it.  I agree that redirecting a print job to a PC
> non-postscript printer doesn't solve the problem of the printer not
> understanding PS. If I understood it correctly, LPRng has an added filter
> to convert PS->PCL.

LPRng comes with the ifhp filter. This will invoke GNU Ghostscript to
actually do the PS -> PCL conversion. I'm already using this
functionality successfully on a couple of non PS capable HP4's.

> An alternative: according to IRIX help I need the Adobe postscript
> interpreter (license to use is not free:(   to use a non-PS printer.
> What do you think?

You don't need it - Ghostscript is a very full featured free PostScript

> Oh well, I'll see and consider the options...

Good luck - if I can be of any more help, let me know.


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