smbfs entry in fstab for users...

Michael Hieb mhieb at
Wed Sep 27 14:29:19 GMT 2000

I am running samba 2.0.7-4 on RH 6.1 I use it to provide share services to NT clients. I also would like to use smbmount to mount NT shares on the linux box.

All works well either as root, or by making entries in /etc/rc.d/rc.local. However if I make an entry in /etc/fstab with the 'users' and 'noauto' options, with the idea these would be available for linux users to mount on demand, I find only root, or the owner of the directory may mount the share. So this does not work as a genral solution for all users. Permissions on the directory onto which which we are mounting do not seem to alter this behavior.

As an example, here is the fstab entry...
//NTServer/NTShare   /local/image      smbfs   username=user/workgroup%passwd,fmask=666,dmask=777,noauto,users       0       0

and here is what happens if any user but root or the owner of /local/image tries to mount
[hieb at lnxwp1 hieb]$ mount /local/image
[hieb at lnxwp1 hieb]$ cannot mount on /local/image: Operation not permitted
smbmnt failed: 1
mount.smbfs: ioctl failed, res=-1
Could not umount /local/image: Device or resource busy

and the directry in question...
[hieb at lnxwp1 hieb]$ ls -lda /local/image
drwxrwxrwx   2 nobody   users        1024 Sep 16  1999 /local/image
[hieb at lnxwp1 hieb]$ ls -la /local/image
total 2
drwxrwxrwx   2 nobody   users        1024 Sep 16  1999 .
drwxrwxrwx  10 root     root         1024 Sep 22 17:56 ..
[hieb at lnxwp1 hieb]$

If this is in the manual, I apologize in advance, I've looked and not found anything. If you know please advise, it would make things very convenient.


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