HELP! please, Passwords in win3.x

David L Kindred (Dave) d.kindred at
Wed Sep 27 12:41:09 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Ison <ceison at> writes:

    Chris> Is it possable to get win3.x to use password encryption for
    Chris> network authentication.

I don't know.

    Chris> Is it possable to set samba up so that 1 group uses encrypted
    Chris> passwords and another doesn't. If so how would the config
    Chris> look?

Can't be done by group, as groups aren't known until some point in/after
authentication, but it can be done on a machine by machine basis.

This is what I have done (by default, I use non-encrypted passwords with
this scheme):

Add the following to the [global] section of your smb.conf (changing
paths as necessary):

        include = /usr/local/samba/lib/smb.conf.%m

then create a file called "smb.conf.encrypted" with the following

        encrypt passwords = yes
        smb passwd file = /usr/local/samba/private/smbpasswd

then create links to to "smb.conf.encrypted" for each machine that you
want to use encrypted passwords.  For example, use the command

        ln smb.conf.encrypted smb.conf.ruby

for a machine named "ruby".

Be advised that according to the documentation SWAT doesn't deal with
"include" statements in the smb.conf.  I have not tested it myself to
see what it does with them :(

I am not sure where this scheme came from, one of my predecessors set it
up here.

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