Can I enum a NT domain users by rpcclient?

Albert Tu AlbertTu at
Wed Sep 27 10:58:35 GMT 2000

Hi Sir,

I am trying to find a solution that can enumerate a NT doamin users in =
my FreeBSD.
I found that there is a function named cmd_sam_enum_users() located in =
source/rpcclient/cmd_samr.c seems can do this job.
I try several times to execute rpcclient on my machine to enumerate the =
domain users and failed.
It report that it can't establish the connection to the NT server.

Could you give me some dircetions for solve this problems or how to use =
cmd_sam_enum_users() ?
The version of Samba that I used is 2.0.7.
The command line I typed is:
rpcclient //server/IPC$  password -U user

reagrds and thanks,


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