from waterstar, Taiwan

=?big5?B?V2F0ZXJzdGFyLkxlZSAop/Wk9KxQKQ==?= Waterstar.Lee at
Wed Sep 27 07:08:03 GMT 2000

	i got  problems, for "print sharing"

	1.  win98 as client,   linux + samba 2.0.7 as server, (a printing
	2. in win98, I use Microsoft WORD to print a file to SAMBA	

	3. in smb.conf
		print command = lpr -r %s

	     cannot work, it just print a lot of message
	     somehow  like     \031\456\..........

	4. now, I change the setting
		print command = cp %f /tmp/tmp.print
                     in clent side, 
		WORD print OK
	     then  in SAMBA side
		# cat  /tmp/tmp.print  > /dev/lp0	; it print OK

		# lpr -b /tmp/tmp.print 		; it print a lot of
	5. so in SAMBA, what I got is a processed image file, data is
correct !

	6. tell me how to usr "lpr" to  print the correct data
	7. do I mistake anything    !!!!

	thank you very much

	waterstar	2000/09/27

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