smbpasswd -j <domain> -r <pdc> won't work for me!

Rob Tanner rtanner at
Wed Sep 27 00:36:24 GMT 2000

--On 09/27/00 02:12:09 AM +0200 Urban Widmark <urban at> 

> On Tue, 26 Sep 2000, Rob Tanner wrote:
>> I'm afraid my NT guy can't tell me any more than it's complaining
>> that  there's no trust account for my machine, but that's what I'm
>> supposedly  trying to set up.
>> The pertinent numbers are NT4 service pack 6 on the Microsoft side,
>> and  rh 6.2 and Samba 2.0.7 on the LINUX side.
>> Can anybody tell me what is actually happening here?
> Have you read samba-2.0.7/docs/textdocs/DOMAIN_MEMBER.txt?
> Have you read and followed the first sentence in that text?
> It always works for me when I do that. But I don't know what any of
> those error messages mean so maybe you have found something else.

Yup!  And everything is set up.  The is a /usr/local/samba/private 
directory.  The samba.conf file is configured almost identically to 
another samba box running on solaris 7 that is a full participant in 
the domain I'm trying to get the LINUX box into.  And all the daemons 
are stopped.  Unfortunately, DOMAIN_MEMBER.txt doesn't provide any 
trouble-shooting tips, so there I am.

Other diffs between the Solaris that works and the LINUX that doesn't. 
The Solaris box is in a different physical segment than the PDC.  The 
LINUX box is in the same segment.  The Solaris box is SPARC 
architecture, the LINUX box is i586. The solaris box is running Samba 
version 2.0.6 and the LINUX box is running 2.0.7.  I can't imagine that 
any of those differences are significant with regard to the problem, 
but then I'm at a loss to understand the problem.

I still need help!


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