Slow samba <> win2k performance

Anders Öhrt Anders.Ohrt at
Wed Sep 27 00:36:16 GMT 2000

> My VA-linux sales rep has put me in touch with Jeremy Alison.  If you
> have found any more information relevant to our Win2K troubles, debug
> output, etc., please send it to me.  I plan to send all the info I have
> to Jeremy tomorrow around 3 PM PDT.  
> Here is what he wrote to my salesperson:
> "Ok - can you get them to send an email directly to me to
> start debugging the problem. I'll probably need to get
> packet traces and Samba debug level 10 timestamped logs
> to learn more.
> I don't think it's an oplock issue - looks more like TCP
> to me (although the fast ftp transfer is intruiging)."

I don't think I meantioned it, but I tried FTP and got about 100 times
the speed of samba.

I also seem to be spawning a lot of 'nmdb -a' processes. About one new
per day. I now have 3 running, but I have had about 100 of them.

// Anders Öhrt

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