HI! Im am having a few problems

Beriah Dutcher beriah at webuildpcs.com
Tue Sep 26 15:26:45 GMT 2000

Ok I instllaed samba about a week ago and go it all working.  Everything was
working fine until yesterday. Our DSL went out and I noiticed are network
was having problems. I also noticed that I couldnt get to our FreeBSD box
via our windows machines.  SO i went over to the box and ran 'ps -ax'  and
samba wasnt running. I then checked a few things. (logs, locks, conf) and
tried to restart it. Well when i './smbd -D' './nmbd -D' it will create the
lock, and log entries, but will not RUN. It shows that it recieved a PID #
but it doesnt show up int he ps -ax at all. ANy ideas? I have removed and
reinstalled a couple of times


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