Use PC printers from IRIX?

Herb Lewis herb at
Tue Sep 26 15:17:31 GMT 2000

Meinrado Samala wrote:
> Hello.
>        I understand that Samba allows PC's running Windows OS to see
> Unix computers (files and printers) as part of its network
> neighborhood.   My question is whether Samba will also allow UNIX
> systems to see and use Windows files and printers as well.
>       We mostly have WindowsNT computers in our lab and we have one SGI
> Octane. Since we already have set up and mainly use our PC resources (HP
> deskjets and laserjet) we'd rather not buy another printer (and a more
> expensive postscript printer at that) for local connection to the SGI
> computer if we can print over the local network.  We have so far been
> forced to FTP image files from SGI to PC.
>       Thanks very much.

You can use any printer that is postscript directly using the smbprint
script (see the comments on how to use it). If you want to use a non-
postscript printer, you must have a driver on IRIX for that printer.

Install the printer as a local parallel printer. I then modified the
interface file to use smbclient. If you want specific details of the 
mods send me email. I have this working for a DeskJet 850C in my lab.

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