how to mount a samba shared file system ?

Peter Samuelson peter at
Tue Sep 26 11:38:20 GMT 2000

[Eric Acqueberge <eric.acqueberge at>]
> I want to do something like a "nfs mounting" with samba, to share
> file system between a linux and a solaris os.

While possible, this is usually not recommended, because NFS is really
a better Unix-to-Unix solution.  (Both protocols are pretty ugly but at
least NFS was designed with Unix semantics.)  Solaris is known to have
a good NFS server (Sun after all invented NFS); if you need your Linux
box to be the server you will probably want to use kernel 2.2.18pre9 or
newer, thanks to its vastly improved NFS server code.  You probably
also want to synchronize your UID numbers (via NIS, NIS+ or manually)
or, failing that, run 'ugidd' (which I don't know if Solaris supports)
which allows NFS to transmit usernames symbolically instead of

Note that NFS is largely a trusted-client design; if you don't trust
your clients you will have to take measures such as squashing all the
client users to 'nobody' or something.  But then, neither NFS nor SMB
is all that *great* for security, if you're really serious.


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