Samba, Linux-to-Linux

Peter Samuelson peter at
Tue Sep 26 10:31:13 GMT 2000

[Lourens Steenkamp <l_steenkamp at>]
> I need some help in finding a similar two-brain-cell doc covering the
> use of Samba in connecting a Linux workstation to the above mentioned
> network.

While possible, it is not usually optimal to use SMB for file sharing
between Unix/Linux hosts.  A much more common solution is to deploy an
NFS server on your file server alongside Samba.  This is not to say NFS
is a particularly elegant protocol (it's not) but it does provide a
much more Unix-like filesystem than SMB.  This means permission bits
and file ownership will work more-or-less naturally.

[On file ownership: if you do not have a shared password database
between hosts, you may wish to run 'ugidd' -- another ONC daemon -- to
cause NFS to match users and groups symbolically instead of
numerically.  Unfortunately, I do not know if NFS implementations other
than Linux's support ugidd.]

For more information, investigate NFS -- which is outside the scope of
this list.


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