Peter Samuelson peter at cadcamlab.org
Tue Sep 26 10:22:18 GMT 2000

If you really need URGENT HELP ON SAMBA, you should buy a support
contract.  Lots of companies out there will sell you the privilege of
demanding URGENT HELP any time you need it.  This mailing list only
extends the *courtesy* of people reading your message and *maybe*
responding, whenever we feel like it.

[Sepehrrad, Ramesh <Ramesh.Sepehrrad at Nextel.com>]
> Can samba work with windows 95 environment or is it just NT?


> My server side is solaris 2.7 and my client side is all laptops
> running win'95, how do I configure samba in this scenario?

However you wish.  This question is far too open-ended; it depends
entirely on what you want to do with Samba, and we on the list are not
about to go and build a whole configuration for you that won't even
necessarily be what you need.

Read the docs that come with Samba, that's what they're there for.
Then for further reference, read the book that comes with Samba.

At that point you should be sufficiently clued-in to get you most of
the way, and you may have some *specific* questions.  Specific
questions have a higher chance of getting a little attention here than
general questions.

Finally, stick around on the list for awhile to help answer other
people's questions.  A support lists for free software is a two-way
street, a rather obvious observation that escapes many people.


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