'Resource temporarily unavailable' with 2.0.7 under FBSD 4.0R

Josh Durham jmd at aoe.vt.edu
Tue Sep 26 00:55:31 GMT 2000

As far as I know, nmblookup doesn't use the smb.conf file to figure out
how to resolve, you have to tell it manually.
Try doing a nmblookup -U <WINS Server> -R <NetBIOS name>

If you want to make sure nmbd is resolving names the right way, you have
to bump up the log level.  I think running ./nmbd -d 5 is right, and I
think (by looking at the source, I havn't tested this,) you should be
looking for a line like:
query_name_response: On subnet %s - positive response from IP %s for name
%s. IP of that name is %s

Hope this helps.  Don't know about your resource problem, though.  Can you
do things like telnet localhost? (ie, normal loopback communcations work?)

- Josh

You wrote:
Also, even with the 'wins server' line and 'name resolve order' set to use
wins only, nmblookup still says:

pbssamba:/usr/local/etc> nmblookup pdx-james
querying pdx-james on pdx-james<00>

This appears to indicate that nmblookup is querying on the broadcast
rather than using the wins server.  How can I get nmbd to talk to the WINS 
server instead of broadcasting?

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