Win 2000 shares?

Urban Widmark urban at
Mon Sep 25 22:50:44 GMT 2000

On Mon, 25 Sep 2000 markmc at wrote:

> I've been having problems of slowness and hung processes when working over a
> samba connection to a Windows 2000 share.  Since there has been no
> difficulty with NT 4 or Windows 98 samba shares, it appears possibly due to
> a bug.  

What are you using to connect? (smbclient, smbmount? which side is client?)

What samba version? If not 2.0.7, start with upgrading.
(2.0.7 adds workarounds for win2k bugs, as I understand it :)

Have you searched the archives for messages on win2k and bad samba
performance? I think someone else has brought this up.


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