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Chris Watt cnww at
Mon Sep 25 22:45:44 GMT 2000

At 05:02 PM 9/25/00 -0500, Tom Wilson wrote: 

>What are the steps after configuring the smb.conf file to smbmount a SMB
drive >automatically, each time you  reboot?  I knew about this on version
5.1 but I >have slept since then (about 3 years).  

The latest version of Samba is 2.0.7 and at the current release
incrementation rate I expect a version "5.1" to be a looooong way off. 

Personally I do not recall ever being able to mount a filesystem via smb
using smb.conf. . . AFAIK smb.conf is strictly a configuration file for the
Samba server, not the client (it may affect smbclient, anyone know? Anyway
smbclient does not itself mount remote filesystems). 
Exactly what you would do varies by OS I guess, in most recent
distributions of Linux (I'm guessing that the "5.1" could have been "Redhat
Linux 5.1") you would insert a reference to the filesystem in your
/etc/fstab file and tell it to mount as a "smbfs" filesystem. Different
client programs would have different methods, but I suspect that not
involving smb.conf should be fairly universal.

n.b. I'm guessing you'll smack yourself in the forehead and go "oh yeah. .
." when you read this.


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