Printing problem - I have the same problem...

Christian Günsel guensel at
Mon Sep 25 17:06:29 GMT 2000

>... I examined the spool directory for the printer and
> noticed that some of the spool filenames are considerably more descriptive than
> I remember them being under the old verion of samba.  Jobs from Microsoft Word
> (which are the ones I seem to be having problems with) actually include the
> filename of the document that was printed.  However, these descriptive spool
> file names appear to have no way of insuring uniqueness, such that if the same
> document were to be printed again before the spool file was deleted, the spool
> file would be overwritten.

I posted a similar problem description some weeks ago (considering the
uniqueness of names of spooled files).
I don't know, it seems that nobody cares about it, but of course it is a
problem. Filenames like 'MicrosoftWord-Dokument1' are far from being
Even if you move the file away immediately in the printing command
script, it is
still possible to mix up files by overwriting.
Surely, there is a mechanism of insuring uniqueness, I sometimes got
like ADMINISTRA.2ygSF3, which seems to be created by mkstemp(). That was
a win98 box...
I cannot believe that this is a configuration issue, because uniqueness
spooling file names should be guaranteed in *any* configuration,
shouldn't it?

Maybe there is another bug-report-mail-address for posting that problem

Thank you very much for any hints...
Christian Guensel


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