Samba Dropping Mounts - "Broken Pipe" msgs

Bruce LaZerte mail at
Mon Sep 25 12:50:53 GMT 2000

>>The "smb_retry: caught signal" problem should no longer occur in
>>2.2.18pre3 or so. You will probably not find a RedHat rpm for kernel 
>>versions so you may have to compile your own.
>Yikes, I've never compiled a kernel before and in this case (from what I 
>could see) it requires compiling pre-patch-2.2.17-20 (required for) then 
>pre-patch-2.2.18-10 (was the latest I could see) by someone named alan. 
>I've been a tech for over 6yrs and I've only just begun to learn linux. 
>(slap me silly). :)
>Can those kernels be trusted? And any pointers towards information for how 
>I would go about compiling a new kernel without messing up my existing one?

Having just got into this with Mandrake-lInux... I'll jump in here.

First - downloading the latest kernel source 2.2.17, patching it to the latest
2.2.18-pre10 (or whatever) and recompiling is easy. I wouldn't do it on a
production machine the first time, and I would have a good book to walk me
through it (or the kernel how-to - see Linux Documentation Project at But I didn't have any problems, and I've only been using Linux
for a couple of weeks. The hardest part is figuring out which options/drivers
to compile in or leave as modules. Your best guide is probably the
configuration file from your original installation.

Second - Getting Lilo to boot your new kernel is also simple, as is cp to a
newly formatted floppy and booting from there.

Third - But running the new kernel within your existing installation can cause
problems. I believe the RedHat install has around 40 different patches to it's
vanilla kernel. Some of these (e.g. the Alan Cox or AC patches) may be included
in the newer version of the kernel and subsequent patch that you applied. Many
may not. As a result, your installation may not work properly, although you can
probably use it to test the new kernel funtionality and bug fixes. 

Fourth - Unfortunately, running the new kernel may screw up your original
installation when you revert to the original kernel. It did in my case. I had a
Mandrake 7.1 installation which has upwards of 170 patches on the 2.2.15
kernel, bringing it to 2.2.15-4mdk. When I rebooted to the new patched kernel,
I was missing supermount and some other functionality, but I could test how
smbfs was working. When I switched back to the original kernel, supermount
still wasn't working properly. I may end up re-installing (not a big deal as
this is not a production machine).

Fifth - it's a great learning experience <g>


Bruce LaZerte 
Grandview Lake in Muskoka
Ontario, Canada  				

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