Problems with valid users and passwords

Ries van Twisk ries at
Mon Sep 25 10:47:50 GMT 2000

> This is my first posting to a list server so if my Netiquette isn't
> correct please set me straight.
Looks ok to me..
> I've having problems understanding the use of "valid users" and how
> that connects with the Aix user id's and passwords stored in
> smbpasswd.

	comment = Sales department
	path = /home/office/sales
	valid users = @sales, ries, admin
	write list = @sales, ries, admin
	force group = sales
	create mask = 0660
	directory mask = 0770

This is what I use as a example
Inportand to me is the force group directive. THis makes sure that 
every file and directory has writting as group SALES.
Everybody in the write list as Read write acces to the sales share.
Everybody in the valid users list has read acces to the sales share.

@sales means everybody in the sales group
So In this example the user ries and admin my write and read in the 
sales share.

I think this is what you mean.


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