printcap settings and Windows printer

Subba Rao subb3 at
Sun Sep 24 19:44:28 GMT 2000


I have installed a HP Deskjet printer on a Windows boxen which is networked
to the Linux box. Currently my samba settings do allow Linux disk shares to be
accessed from Windows NT.

Before further dwelling into samba settings, the howto docs indicate that I
have to complete the printcap settings. I have made the following entries
in these files:


# Copyright (c) 1983 Regents of the University of California.
# All rights reserved.
#	@(#)etc.printcap	5.2 (Berkeley) 5/5/88
# Remote Deskjet Printer connected to Windows


# hosts.lpd	This file describes the names of the hosts which are
#		allowed to use the remote printer services of this
#		host.  This file is used by the LPD subsystem.


# End of hosts.lpd.

At this point, when I try to print a file to "deskjet" printer on "windows"
I get the following output.

$ lpr -Pindra profile

$ lpq -Pindra -l
connection to is down

I can connect to the box. It responds to ping requests.
What other settings need to be done to be able to print to this deskjet
printer connected to the Windows box?

I got the following message when I tried to use smbclient,

(1)root at myhost:~ => cat cal.txt | smbclient \\\\windows\\indra -P -N -U guest
added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
Anonymous login successful
Domain=[SUPERNET] OS=[Windows NT 4.0] Server=[NT LAN Manager 4.0]
tree connect failed: ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied.)
(1)root at myhost:~ =>

I would appreciate, if you could share your configuration information for a
similar setup.

Thank you in advance.


Subba Rao
subb3 at

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