Loosing Mounts .. kernel: smb_dont_catch_keepalive: server->data_ready == NULL error

Urban Widmark puw at svenskatest.se
Sun Sep 24 19:14:24 GMT 2000

On Sun, 24 Sep 2000, Peter Court wrote:

> A possibly related error in the log is:
> kernel: smb_dont_catch_keepalive: server->data_ready == NULL 

Do you get any other smb_* messages?

> One German reply re this error caught my attention.. It seems 
> to be related to the -C option for folding pwds to upper case...
> (but I couldnt read the content !)

I missed that one (or maybe it was in html and was killed by my procmail
filter :)

> I've removed this from the mount and dont get the error on 
> mounting now... interesting to see what happens from here. 
> I changed the pwd to upper case. 

Removing -C suggests that smbmount forgets about case conversions on
remounts (what samba version are you using? more recent smbmounts doesn't
have a -C option)

Sometimes the connection between the server and client is dropped. This is
just fine. What happens then is that smbmount tries to connect again.
Maybe smbmount has forgotten about -C on the second attempt so when it
should reconnect it fails. Like this:

first try "passwd" -> "PASSWD", succeeds; reconnect uses "passwd", fails

I would upgrade to samba 2.0.7 on the client and see if that helps.


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