Samba Bugs

auto852 at auto852 at
Sun Sep 24 06:52:26 GMT 2000

Hello there,

Just out of curiosity, is there anyone on this list who has managed to get 
samba-2.0.7-4 to effectively co-exist (without bugs) with  glftpd-1.21 on 
a Redhat 6.2 production server?

I am running kernel-2.2.16-3.i586 and have found pre-patch-2.2.17-20 and 
pre-patch-2.2.18-10...and before I attempt to recompile the kernel...I am 
just wondering if what I am attempting to accomplish (a stable production 
server with a fully unbugged samba) will ever be possible? 

If anyone on this list has managed to accomplish this....can they please 
let me know what they did and how they did it?

If anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

Thnx in advance with much thnx to follow :)

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