Slow speed between samba 2.0.x and win2000

Anders Öhrt Anders.Ohrt at
Fri Sep 22 21:43:46 GMT 2000

I'm having some trouble with my net which seems to have started when I
changed by workstation from NT4 to W2k. I have two servers running
debian with samba 2.0.7. The servers are a P100 (locutus) and an
Athlon 500 (motherbrain), and my workstation (doas-place) is a P2-350.
There is almost no other trafic on the net, which is a 100 mb/s
switched net.

Sending from locutus to motherbrain I get ~3 mb/s, the other way I get
~600 kb/s. Sending from motherbrain to doas-place I get ~3 mb/s, and
about the same the other way. Sending from locutus to my workstation I
get about 60 kb/s!

The low speed from motherbrain to locutus is strange, because there
are fast disks in it, and the CPU is about 85% idle which

The low speed from locutus to doas-place is of course the problem...
I've tcpdumped a bit which might help... Seems like all datapackets
are 44 byte, but should be ~1k5... Is that the (only) problem and how
do I solve it?

17:35:21.501168 > P 401241:402701(1460) ack 3177 win 26532
>>> NBT Packet
NBT Session Packet
Length=1116 (0x45c)
Session packet:(raw data?)

 (DF) [tos 0x10]

17:35:21.501305 > P 402701:404161(1460) ack 3177 win 26532
>>> NBT Packet
NBT - Unknown packet type
Data: (44 bytes)
[000] F7 D8 2C 2E 91 BF 56 84  FE 94 FF D1 AD 9F 9F E5  ..,...V.
[010] FF FE FF FA 79 7F 36 A4  EF 3D CE 3D E8 4A B2 32  ....y.6.
[020] 56 C5 F3 AB 4F 1B 6E 0D  33 BC 11 91              V...O.n. 3...

 (DF) [tos 0x10]

// Anders Öhrt

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