install 2.0.7 on redhat6.2

Phil Hurvitz phurvitz at
Thu Sep 21 17:37:55 GMT 2000

I did a basic install of 2.0.7 on a redhat 6.2 machine.

tar -xzv samba-2.0.7.tar.gz
cd source
./configure --with-smbmount --with-syslog
make install

I get all the binaries, man, scripts, code pages, swat.
But I don't get anything else in /usr/local/samba/lib or var.  

The samba that was originally on the install was an rpm that put some of
the files (e.g., smb.conf, smbpasswd) in different places on the file
system.  Does the new samba install automatically find these and think it
wants to use them?  Whenever I installed samba on a Solaris machine, it
always installed everything to the right places.

Thanks for any help.

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