getting time from NT-server

Peter de Groot pdgtech at
Thu Sep 21 16:20:21 GMT 2000

Am having a similar 'problem', in that samba is running
on an NT backbone.

Personally... I would not let samba fiddle around with 
the linux time.  Even if it was possible.

I reckon a better solution would be to install a Network Time
Protocol server on the NT server and use ntp on the linux
box, running as a cron job to set the time.

The problem is .... I am not familiar with a NTP server
on NT.  Does MSoft have one, or is there a shareware
one around.... If so, can somebody let me know.



> I want to sync my linux server time with a NT-server on the network.
> I can't do it with smbclient version 2.6.
> Does somebody now how to do this?

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