Problem with Samba Please help

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Wed Sep 20 19:06:08 GMT 2000

elik at wrote:
> when you try to change the directory name it
> changes the name, but it does not refresh the
> the screen, only after about 50 seconds (or by
> presing F5). 

You actually should have asked this question in the samba at
mailing list: samba-technical is about developing new version of 

  However, the delay is being discussed, and there are at least
three ways it might be reduced.  If you don't mind using more
cpu, you can set change notify time-out to 10 (seconds).  Do 
measure Samba CPU before and after, though!

>               The problem is that sometimes
> Excel will still let one employee open the Excel
> file in read and write mode, even though another
> employee is already in the file from before.
> This usually happens after the first person to
> access the file was in it for more than one day.
> When the first person that accessed the file
> will try to save it, he will get an error and
> will not be able to save.
> The user will get a message that the file is
> being saved for someting similar to a Hex name
> (like 23ef454d). To my understanding it looks
> like samba is losing the connection after a
> certain amount of time. My main question is, if
> by updating to samba version 2.0.7 will these
> problems be solved, or is it a wrong
> parameter/setting?

	At the expense of sounding insulting, your users
	should not expect a PC to stay up more than 8 hours,
	and should not leave one running overnight.

	It's probably doing a disonnect/reconenct and
	blowing up it's locks. This sort of thing has
	been reported, specifically about Excel, before.

	Windows (and IBM OS/360) programs have to know
	WAY too much about the underlying system to 
	run reliably (;-))

> We used this following settings in smb.conf in
> the samba ver. 2.0.4
> locking = yes
> strict locking = yes
> kernel oplocks = yes

	I really hope this is on an SGI: all other machines
	will fail if you set kernel oplocks = yes

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