2.0.7: smbmount/smnfs issue

Urban Widmark urban at svenskatest.se
Wed Sep 20 18:22:14 GMT 2000

On Wed, 20 Sep 2000, Giulio Orsero wrote:

> If:
> - someone has and HD (Win9x) where the volume label of the HD is "Xyz"
> - there is a dir "c:\Xyz", 
> - the c:\ rootdir is shared (say as "c")
> Then when the HD is smbmounted the c:\Xyz dir will appear as a file

NT4 doesn't do this, but win95(?) does.

> (really as a "VOLUME ARCHIVE" looking at smb-tcpdump) and not a dir, its
> content won't be available.

Yes, AA is a dir and also the volume label:

smb_proc_do_getattr: //AA
smb_finish_dirent: fattr: attr=00000028

0x28 means aARCH | aVOLID, however aDIR (0x10) is not set. Funny.

smb_proc_getattr_{core,ff,trans2} all have the same problem (ff doesn't
work with win95 it seems). Time to check what smbclient does ... the
difference is that smbclient actually uses all the information returned by
the "findfirst" command. smbfs throws away everything but the filename.
This is what findfirst returns.

smb_decode_long_dirent: info 260 at c8862b34, len=2, name=AA
smb_decode_long_dirent: attr=00000010

smbfs has to create inodes so even if it used the findfirst information it
would still end up doing a getattr call when it needs to "refresh" the

So why not use findfirst to read the attr? Well, that is what
smb_proc_getattr_ff does, except it uses infolevel 1 and not 260. And I
can't get win95 to be happy with my requests to do findfirst260 on the
path "\".

Below is a workaround for this, it assumes that you never read a file with
the "volid" bit set. patch vs 2.2.14, for 2.4.0-test8 and 2.2.18pre you
need to replace 'version' with 'flags' and SMB_FIX_WIN95 with

The proper fix would be to modify getattr, but I don't know how.


diff -urN -X exclude linux-2.2.14-orig/fs/smbfs/proc.c linux/fs/smbfs/proc.c
--- linux-2.2.14-orig/fs/smbfs/proc.c	Tue Jan  4 19:12:23 2000
+++ linux/fs/smbfs/proc.c	Wed Sep 20 20:13:51 2000
@@ -1256,6 +1256,11 @@
 static void
 smb_finish_dirent(struct smb_sb_info *server, struct smb_fattr *fattr)
+	/* workaround for win95 giving back a volume label and not a directory
+	   if there is a dir with the same name as the volume label. sigh. */
+	if ((server->mnt->version & SMB_FIX_WIN95) && (fattr->attr & aVOLID))
+		fattr->attr |= aDIR;
 	fattr->f_mode = server->mnt->file_mode;
 	if (fattr->attr & aDIR)

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