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Josh Durham jmd at
Wed Sep 20 16:40:27 GMT 2000

I have a few printing questions.  I'm trying to migrate my print serving
from WinNT to UNIX with Samba 2.0.7, running RedHat 6.2.  Now, I have
printing working nominally, but there are a few issues.

1) Why does (according to the docs) the driver file stuff only work
with Win9x clients, and not NT?  Is this feature in the TNG branch?  I was
thinking of setting up a PRINT$ share, and setting it up like how the
Windows NT server does, with a w32x86 and WIN40 directories.  And setting
up the right printers.def .. Am I wasting my time?  I primarily want NT
with this, but Win9x is important too.

2) Why, on an NT client, when viewing the queue, it is always
paused?  Unpausing it has no effect. And it can still print even when it's

3) I have the following entry:
   comment = SimLab Apple LW Select 360
   path = /raid0/printspool
#   printer admin = administrator
   printer = simlab
   printer driver = Apple LaserWriter Select 360
   printable = yes
   guest ok = yes
   browsable = yes
I think this is related to problem #1.  When I try to connect to the
printer for the first time as a non-administrator account, I get something
like "permission denied because you have to add a driver" type message. But
with a WinNT print server, I don't.  Is it because the system automagically
loads the driver from the WinNT print server?

4) Last one.  The 'printer admin' is listed in the online docs at, but:
[2000/09/20 11:54:08, 0] param/loadparm.c:map_parameter(1681)
  Unknown parameter encountered: "printer admin"

Thanks in advance for your help!
- Josh
(ps.  If the answer to alot of these questions is "it's in the TNG branch,"
then a little pointer to how to get it would be nice.  I expect it's CVS,
but I don't know which server to grab it from.)

* Josh Durham | AOE at Virginia Tech | (540) 231-9061 jdurham at *

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