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LDAP support does work on older Samba versions.  The howto that I read
recommended getting Samba via CVS from Oct 15, 1999.  This is sited as a
stable version of Samba that supports LDAP.  The latest releases (as far as I
know) have LDAP disabled in them.  From what I gather, the code isn't ready
for use yet.


Wong Shin Neng wrote:

>  Hello everybody,
>  I just joined the list to seek opportunities in replacing our company's NT
> server.  I am currently working on an integrated environment which I am
> currently focusing on the uses of LDAP server to make life easier for
> everyone in the workplace.
> Could anyone tell me how well is SAMBA works with ldap server?  I heard it
> is only at an experimental phase but is it safe to assume that it works?
> Also, with a LDAP server, how much information can a Samba server rely on
> the LDAP server?
>  Thanks in advance....

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