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Urban Widmark urban at
Wed Sep 20 12:23:30 GMT 2000

On Wed, 20 Sep 2000, Matthew Halliday wrote:

> er - I don't mean to sound gormless but what do I do with an src.rpm? 
> And don't say rtbm - I did that and can't find ANY refs to it.  

Why ask this here, I'm sure redhat has mailinglists where people talk
about nothing else than how to install rpms.

% rpm -i foo-1.src.rpm
% cd /usr/src/redhat/SPECS
% rpm -bb foo.spec
(foo.spec will list a tar.gz and possibly some patches, those can be found
 in ../SOURCES.)
% cd ../RPMS/i386
% rpm -i foo-1.i386.rpm

Or, you can do something like
% rpm --rebuild foo-1.src.rpm
which should put the binary rpm in the same place as above I think.

man rpm ?

> And while I'm here - While I'm starting the install Samba 2.0.7 from the
> tar.gz - './configure' tells me I've not got gcc or cc in me $PATH.  gcc
> in in /usr/lib - and that IS in the $PATH and I can't find cc - these

Is it in the path of the configure script? (/bin/sh probably)

Why is gcc in /usr/lib? It should be in /usr/bin. gcc-lib should be in
/usr/lib but that is not what configure is looking for.

If you look at config.log it will contain more info on the command
configure tried to run and what the error message is.

> RedHat 6.1 if it helps - can't find cc on the CD - is it libc or should

cc is gcc. Did you install the compiler package?

% rpm -qa | grep egcs
% rpm -qa | grep gcc

(gcc-2.x.y or probably egcs-1.1.2 for RH 6.1)


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