Samba and pcnfsd coexistence

Alexander Karnovsky, D.Sc. karnov at
Wed Sep 20 07:15:27 GMT 2000


We want to move gradually from using NFS clients (Disk Access) to Samba. 

We have installed Samba on our Sun Solaris server (named, say, DONKEY) and
have given it NetBIOS name DONKEY_SMB. I have expected that if a Windows
workstation accesses a share on DONKEY_SMB, it uses the SMB protocol, and
if it accesses a share on DONKEY, it continues going through the NFS client.

However, the moment I started Samba, I have noticed that all workstations
that had NFS mounts to DONKEY, started appearing in the SWAT Status panel
as Samba connections. 

Does it mean that when Samba daemons are running, then any access to both
\\DONKEY and \\DONKEY_SMB will be served by them and pcnfsd will be skipped?

Has anybody an explanation?

Thank you

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