Data Corruption

Jason Andersen jandersen at
Wed Sep 20 00:37:57 GMT 2000

On occasion, when I copy files from one of my samba shares, onto a PC, a
small part of the file gets corrupted.   If I copy the same file again, it
usually corrects itself.

I haven’t noticed any corruption when copying data to the file share. (that
doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist)

I’ve been able to reproduce this on 2 separate machines, one of them is
running Windows 2000, the other is running Windows 98 SE.

It seems fairly easy to reproduce with large zip archives.   Sometimes one
of the files in the middle of the archive will be corrupt, however
subsequent files in the archive will be ok.  This seems to indicate that no
extra data is being added, and no data is being removed.  Just some data in
the middle isn’t what it’s supposed to be.

Any suggestions as to what could be causing this, would be greatly

Thanks in advance,

Jason Andersen
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