Mapping Samba shares on slow network

Morton, Dave DMorton at
Tue Sep 19 13:42:54 GMT 2000

	I have Samba 2.0.7-2 running on two RedHat 6.2 servers, the hardware
is identical.  The first in Indianapolis is connected to a network that is
10/100 switched and is working fine.  The other is at our Charlotte office,
this network has one switch and many hubs connected in a star pattern.  
	The Charlotte network in general is slow at the user's desktop but
is workable when using Microsoft or Novell servers.  After implementing the
RedHat server with it connected into a 100Mb hub the other servers and
user's can not access the SAMBA shares.  If I move the RedHat server to a
100Mb switch port all the servers access the Samba share correctly and
	However, the workstations are still a problem.  I have remove all
non essential network services and protocols on the desktops and still can
not consistently access the SAMBA shares.  The puzzling thing is if I PING
the server twice from the client, once by IP address and then by Name I can
access the SAMBA share.  It is still not consistent sometimes it is quick to
respond, sometimes slow but seems to respond.

Is there anything that I can do with the SAMBA smb.conf for a slow network?

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