win98 and samba

Ian Lipsky merk at
Tue Sep 19 00:04:36 GMT 2000

I've managed to get things working between a linux server and a win2k 
server. I can access the directories i want, and i can print what i want.

Now i'm trying to get a win98 machine setup and i am having some problems. 
I do have the server set to use USER level security and encrypted 
passwords. From the doc's i'm not sure what the problem is. I should also 
mention that when i do an smbclient -L localhost, its listing the win2k 
server as the master for the workgroup:

         Workgroup            Master
         ---------                    -------

when the win98 machine trys to browse the network, its saying the network 
is not accessible. so i cant even see the machine itself. My guess its due 
to my win2k server saying its a master.

any suggestions to what i have done wrong?

Hmmm....actually, i just checked again anfd my workstation is not listed as 
the master anymore. But the win98 machine still says it cant browse the 

Thanks in advance for any help

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