Samba upgrade

Neil Hoggarth neil.hoggarth at
Mon Sep 18 10:37:53 GMT 2000

On Wed, 13 Sep 2000, Gerry Maddock wrote:

> Hey quick question: I just upgraded Samba 2.05a to 2.06-9, from the Red
> Hat RPM. The upgrade created /etc/smb.conf.rpmnew and
> /etc/smb.conf.rpmsave and erased /etc/smb.conf. Do I still need a
> smb.conf file? I havent checked out your latest updates, so I figured
> I'd ask. Either way I still copied the rpmsave to /etc/smb.conf b/c I
> figured it still needs to be there.

I think that this is an RPM question, rather than a Samba question.

You do still need an smb.conf file.

I think that RPM has detected that you had customised your smb.conf, and
didn't want to overwrite it with the new smb.conf that it would normally
have installed. Ideally you need to merge your personal changes back
into the new RedHat smb.conf, I think (though, chances are, you could
probably just re-install /etc/smb.conf.rpmsave as /etc/smb.conf).

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