Samba dropping connections

Matthew Halliday matthewh at
Mon Sep 18 09:03:19 GMT 2000

Hi all

Thanks to David Collier-Brown for the mail on Friday - we are looking
into it right now.

Our setup is:
RedHat 6.1, Samba 2.0.5a, on a HP LH3 NetServer - 256 MB, 5x9GB RAID 5,
also running Apache and the Intranet.  Cisco Catalyst 2900 (24 port)
switch, and a mix of HP and NetGear hubs.  PCs are connected to the hubs
and then upload to the switch, the servers are straight onto the
switch.  Hubs and NICs 98% 3Com 3C900, 3C950 or thereabouts 10Mbps the
server runs a 10/100.  The switch is autosensing for speed and duplex. 
These problems only seem to have started in the last month or so - about
a week after going on to the switch from 10-base 2. 

If the connections drop in the middle of opening a file or saving it,
the file gets corrupted and lost.  And I get it in the neck!

I do have some more info on the situation - there seem to be between 5
and 7 PCs with this problem.  One is a laptop running Win2k, the rest
are Win 95 PCs.  The laptop is being used to run tests since he seems to
be able to reproduce the problems regulary.  Using netstat to monitor
connections, the port that the laptop is connected to keeps changing - 7
times in 10 minutes and it's doing it while he's accessing the file,   I
know that samba 2.0.7 deals with Win 2k better, but it's also happening
on Win 95 machines too.  

I've set keep alive = 30 as suggested, but we still get problems. 

I've just swapped the laptop to a different hub to see if the hub is
having a problem.  Nope - still there.  The ports go from 1048, 1050,
1052, 1054, 1056, 1059, 1060 - incrementing in 2's.

This is becoming perplexing.  I've set up netstat to run every 20 mins
and print the output for comparison.

Any ideas anyone?

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