Newbie configure Question/Problem

Hayes, Jennifer non Unisys jennifer.hayes at
Sun Sep 17 23:40:08 GMT 2000

I'm installing samba on a Sequent Numa-Q server running ptx 4.4.7 and using
I'm running configure as root & have tried downloading the samba file again
just to make sure it was alright.

i am getting the following errors every time I try to run configure:

checking for int32 typedef included by rpc/rpc.h... no
checking for uint32 typedef included by rpc/rpc.h... no
checking for conflicting AUTH_ERROR define in rpc/rpc.h... no
checking for test routines... configure: error: cant find test code.
Aborting co

I've browsed the archives but haven't seen this error. Is anyone able to


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