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Sun Sep 17 13:36:07 GMT 2000

   I have already used samba for a long time . It run
very well! I got it from:
 (my unix version:Solaris2.5.1 SUN sparc) but I found
my samba version is 1.7(perhaps) and now the lastest
version is 2.0.7 ,so I downloaded the latest-samba
from (source)

  when I configured it
 the system showed:
   : #./configure  
      creating cache ./config.cache
      checking for gcc  ........gcc
      checking whether the C compiler (gcc -O)  works
      configure: error: installation or configuration
problem : C compiler cannot create executables
 My workstation not have C compiler . How can I do?
Do you have the latest-samba not for compiling for 
 Thank you very much!!!

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