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Warren Smith warren at
Fri Sep 15 22:52:59 GMT 2000

I just upgraded an extremely old samba installation to version 2.0.7, installed
via the FreeBSD ports collection.  I am having a problem with some print jobs
giving the error "Your printer job was not printed because it was not linked to
the original file".  I examined the spool directory for the printer and
noticed that some of the spool filenames are considerably more descriptive than
I remember them being under the old verion of samba.  Jobs from Microsoft Word
(which are the ones I seem to be having problems with) actually include the
filename of the document that was printed.  However, these descriptive spool
file names appear to have no way of insuring uniqueness, such that if the same
document were to be printed again before the spool file was deleted, the spool
file would be overwritten.

To potentially complicate matters, I also have my print command set to include
the -s option to lpr.  This makes lpr use symlinks and allows large print jobs
to be printed.  This all worked find under the ancient version of samba.  I
have never seen this error message or had problems of this nature until after
the upgrade.  I am using the same smb.conf on the new version as I did on the
old version.

The situation that brought these errors about was when a single document was
printed over and over and over in the space of a few minutes.  Some of the jobs
got printed, some didn't.  For every job that didn't print, the user got a
message in their mailbox giving the "not linked to the original file" error

My thinking so far is that the spool file is being overwritten while the
symlink to the spool file is still being processed as a previous print job.


Warren Smith
Chief Engineer
CSW Net, Inc.
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