Problems mounting smbfs-filesystem

Urban Widmark urban at
Fri Sep 15 19:44:01 GMT 2000

On Thu, 14 Sep 2000, Herzog AG wrote:

> I got a problem mounting a smbfs-Shares from a windows 95b machine to
> my LINUX-machine.

> The kernel seems ok (Version 2.2.14, SMBFS-Support is included as modul). 

> Using the ftp-like program smbclient is working with the shares on the
> Window-machine.

> The mount-command seems to work, but after that X-Window-System and
> LINUX are "Freezing": Nor mouse or keyboard are working, Restart is
> only possible by pressing RESET-Button. KDE-logon-Window shows some
> Kernel-errors I don´t understand. Freezing occurs after changing

Please post those messages. If it is an oops you need to run it through
the program ksymoops that translates some things from addresses into
symbols (but old versions of ksymoops do a poor job with modules).

And could you also tell me the samba version your smbmount is coming from
and if the kernel is a standard kernel or one that is included in some
distribution (they usually add a few patches).

And finally, what command do you use to mount?


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