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David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Fri Sep 15 12:56:17 GMT 2000

YJ Hong wrote:
| My experiment so far showed smooth playback when the source 
| MPEG is of about 450Kbits/s, beyond that I've tried MPEG 
| of 1.2Mbits/s, and experienced delays during playback 

	Converting these into KByte/S, that's 56 and 150 KB/S,
	respectively.  This is well within the capacity of
	a single 7200 rpm disk and a 10 Mb/S ethernet. (from

	Looks like a bottleneck with your system: 
1) the MTU is fine, 1500 is the maximum from ethernet.
2) your ftp test showed about 2.2Mbits/s, or 275 KB/S
   which is suspiciously low. I'd expect between 400 and
   1000 KB/S.
3) a single linux server with 10Mb/S ethernet and a 7200 rpm
scsi disk should handle 560 KB/S: the bottleneck is usually
the disk.

  Are you running a slow IDE disk, perchance, or two IDE disks
on one controller?  

  As to serving 8* 1.5Mbit/S, you need about 1.5 MB/S throughput,
which requires a 100 Mbit/S ethernet, 3 7200 RPM scsi disks
in a RAID array and a 486 or better CPU (;-))

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