Password Trauma's

Will Holland will at
Tue Sep 12 23:52:35 GMT 2000


I'm trying to setup samba to link my normal linux box (redhat 6.1) (a dual
boot desktop) to my laptop, which is running windows 98.  I've decided that
unencrypted passwords are the way to go, so samba is set in it's default
regarding passwords.

I have a small network (these two computers) and they connect to each other
fine (I can ftp from the windows box) etc etc.  

I can connect to the samba shares on both PC's when my desktop is in it's win98
boot mode, no problem.

I can connect to the laptop via smbclient/smbmount no problem, and I can also
connect to samba using smbclient.

The problem I have is that I cannot connect to Samba from my laptop.  (well not
strictly true, I have "map to guest = unknown users", and I can log in as
someone not on my linux system (default) without a problem and view the guest
shares), but when I try to log in using my username (wh) it says password
requested for \\desktop\IPC$

I have used 'smbpasswd -a wh' to add myself in to the samba password file (I
didn't think it was necessary with unencrypted passwords, but it's there
anyway), and my passwords are the same for samba as linux.

in my log.laptop file I only get 

[2000/09/13 00:51:42, 1] smbd/reply.c:reply_sesssetup_and_X(909)
  Rejecting user 'wh': authentication failed                                    

which doesn't tell me anything.

I have my windows systems set up to not require passwords, and authorise
according to share, and samba is authorised by user.

I have setup the enable_plain passwords as instructed in the Docs on the
windows machines, and judging by the fact that they did not connect to each
other when only one had this setup, I would say that this has worked.

Could anyone point out where I have gone wrong, or what fundamental problems
I've created.

Many thanks for any help


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