Getting NT WS 4.0 SP3 to "browse" to the linux server

Dan Hempy dwhempy at
Thu Sep 14 17:52:12 GMT 2000

Hello everyone:

First let me say that I'm a Linux newbie.

I have a three machine network consisting of a linux
server (dual NICs, running DNS, DHCP and IP
masquerading) and two NT workstations. TCP/IP is
running ... both NT boxes can connect to the internet
through the Linux server.  Pings work all the way

I'm attempting to configure Samba to share files with
the workstations and I'm stuck because the NT
workstations do not successfully browse the Samba
Server.  I've installed the latest Samba from, followed the HOW-To and also tried the
instructions from two different Linux texts. Samba
appears to be running properly when I run the test
from the linux box.

I've set the encrypt = yes because sooner or later
clear text will likely go away.

I'm a little confused about the whole process for
nmbd, NetBios, and it's interaction as a WINS server. 
I've built an lmhosts file ... but since I have DHCP,
what about the changing (potentially) IP addresses. I
do not have a PDC in the network.  I intend to
ultimately use Samba for that. There are messages in
the nmb log saying that one of the clients is
contacting it and wants to be the browse master BUT
nmb wants to be the browse master.

I configured SWAT and wiped out the original smb.conf
but I'm in the process of re-extracting it from the
tar file. I'm hoping that the original file will help
me get all of the necessary configs correct.

Any suggestions? Which is "the best" set of
instructions (How-To) to get this going? Is there a
good document that describes the whole interaction
between Linix and NT in the Samba environment?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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