VMS to UNIX Samba ?

bhm at daimlerchrysler.com bhm at daimlerchrysler.com
Thu Sep 14 14:30:07 GMT 2000


     G'day, I am the Systems Manager/Analyst for VAX operations here at
DaimlerChrysler Corporation, and have some
questions concerning Samba.  Hopefully you can enlighten me.

     We have a rather larger customer group (our impact/crash analyze
group) that wants to migrate data from our VAX
archive to a SGI server.

 Our configuration on the VAX's (2 clustered) is as follows:

     OS:  VMS 6.2
     Hardware:   2x VAX 7820's (2 CPU each)
     Network software is:  Process_software's TCPware 5.3

     Data is stored on a Storagewerks SW500 drive towers, and tape
(maintained by MTI's Autostor Archive).

Our problem will be to move large amounts of data (2 million + files, 200
gig??)  from tape (StorageTek - VAX Silo's) to the SGI
server.   At present we have tried:
          NFS....   SGI servering/VMS client --
               problems:      1) having ownership and quota problems.  ie:
MTI> archive restore [impact]*.* $3$nfs1:[impact]
                         2) slow - 2.6 million block file (1.2 gig) took
5.25 hours

          Novell..   SGI client/VMS serving  - TCPware FSS software,
emulates Novell 3.1 servers
               problems: 1) disconnects (Corporation is Novell 5x, and we
old 3x bindery)
                         2) file names limited to 8.3 format... most files
in groups area are bigger then that

          FTP...      SGI serving/VMS client --
               problems  1) requires a holding area on VAX to restore files
to, then FTP out to SGI.. means more
                              slow down in operation
                         2) files will have to have a header corruption
that has to be corrected with a
                              set file/attrib=(rfm:fix,lrl:32256) filename
                              occurrs    moving    a VMS file from
pc/unix   to VMS

So in short, could Samba in some format give us the solution we need
(migrate straight to the SGI without staging)?

thank you

Bruce Miller

ps... we do have excellent Pizza places down the road from here, but they
don't deliver beyond 4 miles!

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