a couple questions relating to windows 9x machines connecting to linux

Michael Chan mikeyboy at uclink.berkeley.edu
Thu Sep 14 08:27:03 GMT 2000

Hi, I've set up samba on my linux machine, and managed to get it shown
on our campus network.
However, I've run into a few problems:
1) I don't know what password it's asking for when I try to connect from
a windows machine.  I suppose it relates to that computer's user name,
but how is this username determined?
2) (relating to #1) I'd like to set a single password for all
connections as Windows does with shared folders.  Is there a way to do
3) When _I_ try to connect to other computers using smbclient, I have to
type in the ip address of the computer in order to connect.  Typing in
just the \\\\computername\\share doesn't work, i have to add -I a.b.c.d
to work...

If you can help me out, please do, thanks.
Michael Chan
email: mikeyboy at uclink.berkeley.edu

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