Samba Woes

darry goodridge darrgood at
Thu Sep 14 05:35:03 GMT 2000

I am a novice,attempting to use samba for the first time.

My aim is to get my linux machine to join an NT Domain consisting of a PDC, an NT workstation,and a windows 98 machine.Ultimately, I want to share files and a single printer with this machine and to access the internmet via the NT SERVER,whch incidentally already acts as a proxy for my other machines.

So far I have assigned an IP address to the Linux machine and can  successfully ping all the other machines.

My questions I guess are numerous,but are all borne from this:

    Should I begin by installing Samba on the NT server(this machine serves as a PDC,AND GATEWAY TO THE INTERNET)? Or,is samba to be installed on the Linux machine?And,precisely,what is my next step toward attaining my goal?

And,my gateway runs Acer's SYGATE Server software.

Can some one help?

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